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The instruments labeled as student due to their construction, i.e. made for quick and easy start and acquisition of panlute playing skills.

In our student panflutes we try to dispose disadvantages of cheep student panflutes of another makers (Gibonus, Hora and others). That's why our student panflutes more expensive.

Student model/"system" of panflute:

  • Not loud (relatively to professional paflute models), it's important for persons who live in multifamily housing and exercise at home.

  • Tuned in G major.

  • Have moving corks (it's useful for retuning experiments).

  • Have student mouthpieces on default.

  • Have «reserve of length» of tubes (it's give a possible to modify mouthpieces several times).

  • Instrument is protected (outside and inside) from the moisture impact with lacquer. You don't need to oil them.




You can choose any range from d1 to d4. But we often have ready panflutes with basic, most popular ranges:


Size, Lowest tube

Upper tube

Number of tubes


Price, USD




15  Compact alto.

Two octaves are necessary and sufficient for a novice. The majority of melodies during the first year of studies are an octave or an octave and a half. Compact and therefore very convenient, suitable even for lady handbags. 



18    Student alto

Alto with a somewhat bigger range (as in a recorder or a whistle) significantly increasing the potential repertoire. For those who don’t like the high sounds of the uppermost part of nai range. The majority of amateurs understand that it is just not comfortable for them to reach higher than C in the third octave. Such range can be recommended to 95 per cent of beginners.





18    Student tenor

For novices who cannot live without low sounds of the panflute. And there are many of those. After some time they understand that it is hard to play a big instrument and take half-tones in the lowest part of the range, but until the novice does not see it for him or herself, it is always tempting to try.




For student panflutes that are made for order (same price), two options are available:

  • mouthpieces type.

  • left-handed.

How to order/purchase

If you want standard size and you don't want to "play" with options then just write a letter to [email protected].

If you want to order nonstandard size or use options then download order form (Excel), complete it and send to our  e-mail.