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Denis Klimov

Panflute: Instrument and Playing Techniques

As I turned out to be a panflute "pioneer" among Russian-speaking Internet users, I often had to answer questions from novices via email. At some point I became totally fed up with it. Besides, how can one provide a full and unambiguous answer to questions like: “How do I articulate?” or “Which instrument should I choose?” in a single letter? That is why I decided to write this book, which is a manual for self-taught people.

The main goal of the book is not to construct a simple fixed learning program but to create an extensive informational database, which will allow a novice to become a part of the woodwind world as quickly as possible and to plan his or her lessons and development independently.

So, this book contents a lot of text, pictures, explanations. It answers all possible questions of novice panflutists. I can guess that experienced panflutists will find many helpful explanations about acoustics of this instrument.

I recommend to read the book before purchasing the panflute. In so way you will receive  information about instrument construction and making (it will help you to choose or make instrument), you will understand is it good idea to teach yourself panflute, or not.


Table of Contents (220 pages):

4          Introduction

5          The Instrument
6          Panflute as a class of instruments
22        The Basics of Panflute Acoustics
35        The Impact of Instrument Parameters on Timbre and Technical Possibilities
48        Romanian nai
52        Instrument Maintenance
58        The Making of Panflutes
68        Choosing and Buying a Panflute

75        Playing Techniques
76        Preliminary Preparation, Awareness of Your Goal and Resources
80        General Notions About Playing Techniques and Lessons
82        Positioning of Musician and Instrument
85        Breathing Techniques When Playing Wind Instruments
89        Embouchure and First Sounds
93        Articulation
96        His Majesty Rhythm
102      Basics of Musical Literacy
109      Movement and Intervals
121      Strokes
127      More Complicated Intervals
135      Common Delusions
137      Alteration and Half-Tone Playing Techniques
148      Dynamics and the Basics of Intonation
153      Learning Other Keys
166      Ornamentation
170      Special Sound Elicitation Techniques
177      To the Heights of Speed: Perfecting Articulation
180      Certain Techniques for Special Instruments
185      Sound Aesthetics
187      Accumulating Repertoire, Working on Pieces, Performing in Front of Audience
190      Conclusions: Panflute as Instrument, Pros and Cons
193      Sources of Information with Varying Degree of Uselessness
195      Afterword
197      Addendae
198      Addendum 1. Subjective Terms for Describing Timbre
199      Addendum 2. Selecting Tubes for Romanian Nai
207      Addendum 3. Handbook of Keys/Tonalities
209      Addendum 4. Scales
213      Addendum 6. Etudes
219      Addendum 7. Technical Formulas

Detailed contents (PDF-file)


Price of book is 60 USD


Book is available in English , Russian and German.

For English and Russian book ask me, Denis Klimov, [email protected]

German variant of this book you can find here: (you can thanks Joeri Murk for financing the translation from Russian into English and German).



For this book I received many feedbacks. All of tham are positive.


Paul Hirsh, panflute player, panflute maker.

The book covers history, organology and cultural background (with examples from all over the world), detailed information with measurements and drawings of current designs in relation to playing technique and acoustics, choosing an instrument, playing technique, repertoire, current developments, and offers pages of exercises. As a panpipe player and maker myself, and member of all the relevant Yahoogroups and Facebook pages, I can't think of anything he has left out, or of anyone more qualified for the work. This book is meaty!


Kevin Budd, panflute player, panflute maker.

I was able to look through your great work. It is full of very good information. Probably it is the best single book on the pan flute in terms of information. Much information about the pan flute was kept secret for many years and the book has much to offer.


Rodney Alan Garnett, Professor of Music.

Denis - your book is fantastic. Thank you! I received your excellent book this weekend. I am so impressed with you work. It is great.