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 Madhyama-pratipadā (Sanskrit - Middle Way) -  in Buddhism, complement of general and specific ethical practices and philosophical views that are said to facilitate enlightenment by avoiding the extremes of self-gratification on one hand and self-mortification on the other.


There are two of us. Madhyam Pratipat (Oleg Egorov) and Denis Klimov. And we make panflutes.

Denis know much about the panflute, he spend a lot of time for research. And Oleg have a clever pair of hands, incredible aspirations and a lot of experience in woodwork under his belt. Denis design panflutes, adduce specifications and Oleg implement numbers in wood. Thus we supplement and develop each other.

The point about us is that we live in thousands kilometers apart. Oleg lives in town Verhniaya Salda in Sverdlovsk region, Russia. Denis lives in Kiev, Ukraine. Thanks to Internet we can do something good for panflute community although we never met live.

From spring 2011 we start panflutes producing, professional and student. Several months were spent in agreements of instruments acoustics and accessible production methods, making several test instruments.

Our "project" was intend to help for post-USSR beginners and advanced panflutists to find inexpensive but smart panflutes. We have a hope that panflutists would like our approach to panflute making.