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We produce flutes of Pan that are based on Romanian/Moldavian nai, in other words one-row curved diatonic instruments. Nai is a soloist, its basic construction gives for panflutist most wide specter of playing techniques and possibilities. We have a plans for soon to increase number of systems of inner diameters, making of wholetone panflutes.

Professional and student

We make professional and student panflutes.

Student flute doesn't "sound not so good". No, it's a flute that constructed in so way that will help to beginner to get first skills. First instrument is an object of many experiments and modifications, so it must be less exensive and more suitable for retuning, changing of mouthpieces type.

What does "professional panflute" mean? It means that player who order so panflute for sure knows what he/she wants. And we take into account all player's wishes in acoustics, ergonomics and style.


Our flutes are wooden. When it comes to accuracy in parts of millimeter, all traditional materials (like bamboo, cane) are unsuitable.

Bores of professional panflutes are made with liquid acrylic mass moulding. This material is harmless to human  health (it's used in dental prosthetics, in making of hygienic goods). Usage of this technology give us a possible to achieve precision 0.05 mm in tube's bore and a possible to make very smooth inner surface of tube.

Serial number

Every professional flute has serial number. You can see in under the logo "Madhyam Pratipat". Madhyam keep as record of all parameters that used in every produced flute. So, if you have a question about your flute, than don't forget to name serial number of your instrument.


Panflutes don't need any care except cleaning inner part of tubes with dry cotton cloth every 2-6 months (depends how often you use your panflute). Flutes protected with varnish and acryl from moisture. Only two rules:

  • don't play on cold instrument, give a time to get warm to indoor temperature.

  • don't left instrument for a long time on sun and in car in summer and winter.

And its all. No more limits. Only one cause of breakage is your own inattentive, when you drop it to the floor or sit on panflute left on a sofa or in an armchair.


It's important: don't oil flute!

Accessories kit

Every tuned with wax panflute is supplied with 3-4 tuning rods and piece of bee wax.